Detox Diet Plan for quick weight loss with recipes



Hi everyone....follow this body detox diet plan every month and shed away extra calories. It not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps you healthy. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER PIN US on PINTEREST Detox Diet Plan for quick weight loss. morning empty stomach ,ginger,Lemon Drink,lukewarm water,honey,juice, BREAKFAST, Citrus fruits are "fat burning fruits" . BRUNCH NUTS AND VEGGIES, cucumber,carrot diced,celery stalk,beetroot,lemon juice,almonds,walnuts,Black salt, black pepper. LUNCH VEGETABLE SOUP- recipe,olive oil,garlic,onion, cabbage,tomato, coriander leaves. EVENING SNACK-green tea, FRUIT SALAD apple ,pear,orange , DINNER-VEGETABLE/ CHICKEN STIR FRY with a cup of organic green tea.