Beginners Splits Lesson ♥ Gentle Yoga for Flexibility with Jess, Day 4 of 30



♥ Try WellnessPLUS FREE for 7 Days: ♥ 30 Day Program: ♥ Or Watch FREE with Amazon Prime: Beginners Splits Lesson ♥ Relaxing Yoga for Flexibility with Jess, Day 4 of 30 This yoga class will help a complete beginner gain flexibility and strength in the legs, hips and glutes-- great for learning how to do the splits and advance your hip flexibility. ♥ The 30 Day Challenge is available on ♥ Try it FREE for 7 Days Anytime in October 2017 30 Days of Yoga with Jess: ♥ Visit Jess online to see her yoga classes in Austin, Texas: This 30 Days of Yoga Program will help improve: - Overall wellness, health and happiness - Flexibilty & Mobility - Strength, Toning & Weight Loss - Stress Reduction, Improved Sleep - Hormone Balance, Mood and Motivation ♥ WellnessPLUS: Tons of Workouts, Massage & More! Follow our Social Media Related Videos Yoga for People Who SIT All Day with Jess ♥ Beginners Routine for Back Pain | Standing Desk Review Yoga for Belly Fat with Jess ♥ Abs, Core, Obliques Workout, Beginners Home Routine, Detox, Digestion Yoga with Jess ♥ Total Body Toning & Flexibility Workout, Complete Beginners Class, 15 Minutes Music by iChill Music Factory Song: Indigo Sky Album: Spa Dreams © Copyright 2017 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.