Fasting for Quick Body Fat Loss and Weight Management with Intermittent Fasting


Description In this episode of the Chalene Show, she interviews fitness expert and Instagram Celebrity Melissa McAllister on how she is able to be bikini ready, shed fat, and maintain a super low body fat level, and maintain her weight, year after year without fluctuation. In this episode we discuss how to begin to introduce intermittent fasting into your lifestyle, her best practices to create a primal or pale lifestyle and a form of fasting that still allows you to eat every day and eat a lot yet produces really remarkable weight loss and fat loss results. Melissa McAllister's approach is something she calls the 8 hour ab diet. By eating within an 8 hour window each day, she can eat paleo or gluten free or even vegan and still maintain her desired weight and body fat percentage year after year. For the links suggested in this show and the complete show notes please go to: