MapleStory Expressions in Game vs. IRL (ft. Daboki)



What’s your favourite MapleStory expression?! :D (Mine is F3 haha) Hey everyone!! Hope you’re all doing well ^___^ Sorry I didn’t get a chance to upload a video last month, but I’ve been working hard in the last two months to release this video for you guys! I’m super excited to share it with you because it’s my first YouTube collaboration (aside from Maple Music Videos) with an awesome Mapler / Content Creator, Daboki :D I also have my good friend, Vincent, acting with my sister and I (which was a lot of fun) =D He’s a definitely a natural at it haha, and I look forward to featuring him in future skits :D & As always, lots of love to Larry for listening / helping out with my ideas from start to finish x) Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate your support! =D - Mel ^___^ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ CONNECT WITH ME: ➫ Facebook: ➫ Instagram: ➫ Twitter: ➫ Twitch: ➫ Snapchat: @melindatse FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: ➫ Site: ➫ Email: ➫ Vimeo: ➫ LinkedIn: ACTORS: ➥ DABOKI (SUBSCRIBE TO HIM FOR AWESOME MAPLE VIDEOS & INSPIRATIONAL LIFE TALKS =D!!) He has a super fun and warm personality ^__^ Btw, isn’t his voice just the coolest? hahah xD ➥ LARRY (my awesome bf that helps me out whenever I have an idea =D) ➥ AMANDA (my derpy lil’ sis) ➥ VINCENT (my good buddy since elementary school) ➥ BRENDA (my older sis that everyone hits on LMFAO) MUSIC: Copyright © Cheatuto MAPLESTORY/NEXON No copyright infringement intended.